A History of the Lessons

A history of the
Christian Science Bible lessons

Permanent foundation established for the Uniform Series of the International Sunday-school Bible lesson, to be used by Protestant churches.

The Christian Science newspaper first includes Notes on the International Sunday-school lesson written from a Christian Science standpoint, by Frank E. Mason, CSB, assistant pastor of the Church of Christ (Scientist), Boston.

The Journal contains an announcement that the Christian Science Bible Lessons are in such demand that they will be issued as a regular serial, and recommended to be featured in Sunday services. Mrs. Eddy appoints a committee of four to prepare the Christian Science Bible lesson.

Christian Science Quarterly begins with the April-June issue. Article appears in the May Journal describing a successful experiment using selections from Science and Health and the Bible in place of a sermon.

For uniformity among Christian Scientists in their church services, Mrs. Eddy submits an Order of Exercise which included reading from Science and Health and the Bible as well as a sermon.

Mrs. Eddy ordains the Bible and Science and Health as pastor for The Mother Church on December 14th.

The Bible and Science and Health ordained as dual pastor for all Churches of Christ, Scientist in the April Journal.

The first “Explanatory Note” appeared in the January-March Quarterly.

Mrs. Eddy’s twenty-six lesson subjects introduced in the July-September Quarterly. Click here to read the complete list of subjects.

Separate set of afternoon or evening lessons based on the International Series was discontinued.


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