Why Christian Science is Gay friendly #gay #christianscience #marybakereddy

Christian Science never operates with labels, its the one thing we seek to displace. Gay, straight, black or white, up down or sideways, its something we don´t work with and people for us will always be God´s beautiful and wonderful reflections. But we do actually mean it, its not some ideal for us, its who we are.  Other Churches generally don´t see things that way, they want to, but there´s always a silent judgement, with a kind of pleading and awkwardness. They get a bit hung up with “you are different from me” and worse still “are you sleeping with him?” the question which is always there when a gay couple try to sit through a protestant church service.  Its the elephant in the room which everyone avoids.

No matter who you feel you want to sleep with or spend your time with, it can never replace that yearning we all have of something “more” in our hearts. Lets face it, are any of us really truly satisfied? The answer to that for many people is simply “no”. Being Gay is not a belief system  and although many people find happiness and satisfaction, eventually you realize that yes you are still human and you still ask “whats life all about?” Its the same for all of us and being Gay doesn´t get you off the hook of finding meaning in life.  I know loads of married couples who are still a bit empty inside. I know I am a lot.

What makes it doubly difficult for Gay people is that they simply can´t walk into a church and say “Im here on a spiritual path” . Most Churches don´t want Gay people there and classify them as sinners of a particular type, not remembering that indeed we all are working our way out of material belief. The Christian Science Church doesn´t work to change you or make you conform, we really want to see you as God sees you.  That´s not to say you will have an easy time of it,  not everyone knows how to deal with the subject of sexuality, but certainly our interpretation of the Bible won´t be used to punish you and theres nothing in our teachings which can push you away,  you might be surprised at how forward thinking the Church is on things like this.

Moral standards apply to everyone, gay straight whoever, and Christian Science is mostly silent on issues of sexuality simply because its not how we see ourselves.  This is partly because  of legalities and partly care not to offend anyone.  However there´s nothing in our doctrine which is against gay life, its just that we don´t make issues out of who we sleep with or are attracted to.  Its also because the founder of Christian Science Mary Baker Eddy came from a time when Sexuality was not on the table for discussion.  So its not something she specifically mentions.

I cant speak for the actual CS denominational Church, I never have been a member but what I know is that CS Churches are kind of like laborotories,  where we are all growing out of our material senses and seeing ourselves as more Spiritual. We focus on our ONENESS not our labels, there´s nothing that can separate you from me, not even an idea of sexual partner, we are all brothers and sisters in Spirit and all made by the same God.  One of the best resources I found on the subject is an audiochat on the main denominational website from the Mother Church. You need to be a subscriber but its an Audio chat called “sexuality and the spiritual thinker” by lois Carlson”

But what I can tell you is that the study of CS is about opening your mind to new ideas not closing it and nowhere does it have any tenents or clauses which would stop you coming to our Church, although there may be a need to agree to disagree until you can learn about our culture and who we are..  Its simply another “material thing” which we have to contend with. Gay or straight, our faith encourages us to find beauty in God given things, really no different for “straight” people.

Give us a try,  or at least pick up our textbook,  its a free PDF, you will find Love, nothing else .   You don´t even need to go to a Church, you just need to have an open mind and read the book.It will enrich your relationships, whatever way you define them.







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