What is Christian Science Healing?

To understand this, you need to know something of our modern day psychology and a little bit of history.

In Victorian times, if you had a painful leg, the answer was to cut it off, or if you had a headache, it may have been classed as insanity or some other physical form of illness.

One lady whose name was Mary Baker Eddy, after a long period of sickness and ultimately lying on her deathbed, made a connection that the Mind was associated with the body and somehow was responsible for our happiness and health. She further went on to write her best selling book “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” and also worked to reinterpret the Bible to what we would call a “new age” style belief. This time of change in thinking is what we  call the “new thought movement” and since then her ideas have been twisted, taken out of context and dominated humanity in mostly erroneous ways.  Her books are free online as they are no longer in copyright. You can read all of her works on project gutenburg or archive.org or on Amazon if you click on my Books link here. I have them all available for the Kindle for a small fee.

Her idea is that after correcting your thinking about who you are and what your “mind” is,  you will see that sickness is no part of that. Where she differs from most people in the subject is the starting point. She never accepts that you are simply a person with a brain and physical body, she clarifies that to understand who you are, you need to understand who you are spiritually, what made you and why.  That´s where the religious connection comes in.

Sigmund Freud. He is called father of Psychoanalysis, because it is he who supposedly discovered the unconscious part of the brain in his work experience as a doctor. He observed  that some patients presented paralysis in  parts of the body, but this paralysis didn’t have any anatomical explanation, in other words, the physical examination didn’t detect problems. The person was healthy physically so he started working with hypnosis to prove the mind (brain) body connection.  Mary Baker Eddy passed that stage when she was alive and declared hypnosis an error because its starting point is that man is only flesh and bones wrapped in a brain with a skull which can be influenced with another . She writes a lot about it, as a form of mesmerism

The physiologist Josef Breuer inspired Freud and presented for him  cases of hysteria in the hospital. After, Freud went to Paris  to study more about hypnosis with Jean Martin Charcot, he was a hypnosis expert. Yet over time, he abandoned ideas about it.

He moved on to another  technique called free association. Where talking was the main course of therapy, based on the idea that somewhere inside your brain lay deep and hidden thoughts which, when they come out can affect your daily living.  Mary Baker Eddy had already passed that stage too.  she declared that the relation between Mind (which she defines as spirit, not flesh) and Body was not brain and body but something deeply spiritual real and alive which never started with the person.

CS Healing is nothing to do with Healing really, its to get you to realize your identity and to claim your real true identity, without sickness,  without medication and with perfection. Healing is a side effect of coming to see your true identity.

Among other things, Mary Baker Eddy started a Church which still exists around the world. Theres also small groups, study groups, independent groups (outside of the central organisation) as well as Practitioners who are like Doctors. But our purpose is not to convince you medication is wrong. Nor do we interfere with medication or advise you about it. We simply present your identity, as it is, pure,  free,  without disease and encourage you to work with that.

Theres no obligation to attend a church, there´s no fees (at least not with me), its a purely God given system, and no matter what you suffer from today, you don´t need to accept what label has been given to you.

You have a right to be whole.